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Cagayan de Oro – Greenhills Park

The Transfiguration of Christ

The Transfiguration of Christ

Eternal Gardens welcomed Greenhills Park, Cagayan de Oro in July 2014 as its 10th branch. Established in 1965, it is the first and the biggest memorial park in the city. Likewise, it is among the most beautiful and elegant memorial parks in Cagayan de Oro that is trusted by its growing clientele.

At 300 feet above sea level at its highest point, it stands out among the surrounding hills for its majestic and awe-inspiring view of Macajalar Bay in the north, the spectacular golden sunset in the west, the vast mountains and valleys in the south, and the city in the east.

On October 25, 2014, Greenhills Park welcomed Eternal Gardens’ symbol of excellence when it unveiled the statue of the Transfiguration of Jesus Christ. A creation of notable artist Conrado F. Balubayan, the towering image is the first to be rendered in concrete and to rise outside Luzon. Soon more plazas dedicated to holy men and women will rise within Greenhills Park.