Batangueño Eternalites hold teambuilding activities

Batangas City Eternalites had their teambuilding event last October 10, 2015, Saturday, at the park grounds of Eternal Gardens Concepcion branch. A total of 108 participants, including 63 agents and 45 park employees and officers from Balagtas and Concepcion branches, attended the event, making it the biggest teambuilding event of Eternal Gardens so far in terms of number of participants.

The attendees, who were divided into six competing teams, namely Blue, Red, Yellow, Green, Orange, and Violet, decorated their respective tents according to their interpretation of the theme, “Hand in Hand, Together We Stand!” as the opening activity of the teambuilding event. This Brought out not only the creativity but also the ability of the participants to work as a team. After the tent decorating activity, the teams also presented their cheers, before sharing a boodle fight style breakfast.

To warm up the attendees, members of the Events Committee from the Head Office, headed by its chairman Geoffrey Coberos, led an energy-filled Zumba session, before proceeding to the Amazing Race-inspired main event of the teambuilding activity.

Composed of a series of group tasks, the race tested the stamina, cooperation, and strategic skills of the team members. It also brought out the leader in each of the participants, who did their best to ensure the victory of their team.

The exciting outdoor activities were followed by the “Work Attitude, Values Enhancement, and Teambuilding Seminar/Workshop,” facilitated by Recruitment and Training manager Marielle Cabangon, and an inspirational talk by vice president for Sales and Marketing Jose Antonio V. Rivera.


The competitiveness of Batangueño Eternalites really came out as every participant in the teambuilding event gave their best in each leg of the race. But in the end, the Violet Team led by Concepcion branch sales administration officer Angela Robles emerged as the champion, followed by the Orange and Blue teams in second and third place, respectively.


Eternalites hold teambuilding activities in Bicolandia


As part of the continuing program of the Human Resources and Management Division of Eternal Gardens, the Eternalites in Bicolandia had their teambuilding activities last August 15, 2015 at the park grounds of Eternal Gardens in Naga City.

The sales managers, agents, and park officers and staff gathered at the park very early that Saturday morning to participate in the teambuilding, which had the theme, “Be Cool & Work as a Whole!”

Facilitated by the special committee from the Head Office, which was headed by MIS manager Geoffrey Coberos, the teambuilding started off with a tent-decorating competition wherein the six teams, namely Red, Blue, Green, Yellow, Orange, and Violet, designed their respective tents according to how they interpreted the theme.

After decorating their tents, the six teams showed off their team spirit by performing their cheers. This was followed by a Zumba dance session, which was a warm up in preparation for the series of physical activities in the next part of the teambuilding.

But before proceeding to the main event, which was the race, the participants shared a sumptuous boodle fight-style breakfast that was served on banana leaves.

And then it was time for the race. Each of the teams was given their first set of instructions, which would lead to the different group activities that tested the cooperation and endurance of the participants.

After the tiring but definitely fun-filled physical challenges, the participants gathered at the training room for the “Work Attitude, Values Enhancement, and Teambuilding Seminar/Workshop,” facilitated by Marielle Cabangon, Recruitment and Training Manager of Eternal Gardens. This was followed by a spiritual talk by vice president for Sales and Marketing Jose Antonio V. Rivera.

At the end of the teambuilding activities and workshops, the scores of the teams from the different categories were tallied and the Green Team emerged as overall champion.

It has truly been an enriching and learning experience for the Nagueño Eternalites who enjoyed the teambuilding activities and are already looking forward to the next one.

Lipad Lipa! Teambuilding 2015

Lipeño Eternalites welcomed August with a burst of colors as they held their first teambuilding event at the park grounds last August 1, 2015.

Lipa Teambuilding (16)

Wearing color-coded shirts representing their respective teams, the sales force members and park office staff of Eternal Gardens Lipa gathered at the park very early that Saturday to participate in the activities prepared by the special Teambuilding Committee from the Head Office.

The six teams, namely Red, Blue, Green, Yellow, Orange, and Violet, competed in an exciting race that tested their patience, endurance, leadership skills and teamwork. The high-energy Violet Team headed by Lipa branch manager Joan Buendia emerged as the champion at the end of the race after garnering the highest score.

After the physically challenging race, the participants moved indoors as they had their “Work Attitude, Values Enhancement, and Teambuilding Seminar/Workshop,” which was facilitated by Marielle Cabangon, Recruitment and Training Manager. This was followed by an inspiring spiritual talk conducted by vice president for Sales and Marketing Joey Rivera, which capped off the affair.


Greenhills Park holds teambuilding activities

Greenhills Park–Eternal Gardens, the first and biggest memorial park in Cagayan de Oro City, had its first teambuilding event for its agents and staff last June 20, 2015 at the park grounds in Barangay Bulua.

With the theme, “Character, Courage and Commitment of Kagay-anons,” the teambuilding was organized and facilitated by a committee from the Head Office in Makati City, headed by MIS Manager Geoffrey Coberos as chairman. Other members of the committee were HRMD Officer Evan Rojales, Senior Graphic Artist Jean Cifra, Assistant Accountant Rhea Soliven, and HRMD Assistant Ariane Aquino.

Teambuilding Committee

From left: Evan Rojales, HRMD officer; Gil Twaño, Administration manager; Numeriano Rodrin, president and COO; Jean Marie Cifra, senior graphic artist; Rhea Soliven, assistant accountant; Ariane Aquino, HRMD assistant; and Geoffrey Coberos, MIS manager and Teambuilding Committee chairman

Greenhills Park sales managers and agents, park officers, staff, and crew were divided into six teams and had their assigned color namely: Red, Orange, Yellow, Blue, Violet, and Green. Each team picked a leader to head the group.

All participants gathered at the Court of Golden Crest Park at 4:30am for the registration. Surrounded by the sounds of night and embraced by the cool breeze of the early dawn, each team was very determined to win the first part of the activity, which was the tent decoration. The ordinary tents had a colorful transformation. Each team showcased their artistic prowess in using recycled promo flyers, cloth, landscaping paraphernalia and scrap materials for their respective tents. Through their designs, they showed their own interpretation of the theme. The first part of the activity definitely unleashed not just the participants’ imaginative side but most of all, it fostered camaraderie and the spirit of “bayanihan”.

After the tent decoration, each team demonstrated their lively cheers, followed by the fun-filled Zumba dance session to warm their bodies up. Choreographed by the committee members, everyone danced energetically to the upbeat music.

After the Zumba session, breakfast was served boodle fight style to help participants recharge for the next activities.

After the 30-minute break, the much-anticipated Amazing Race has finally started. At the go signal of Angelito Twaño, Eternal Gardens’ Administration Manager, the teams ran towards the first station and performed the first task. Each task given aimed to test the teams’ ability to follow simple instructions, patience, cooperation, and unity. All of them showed eagerness and determination to win the race.

All of the teams completed the race but it was the Blue team, headed by Engr. Ernest Demerre, Park Operations Supervisor, who finished first. However, upon the final tabulation of points from all the events, the Violet Team bagged the first place, with their leader Lany Nery, customer care coordinator. In second place was the Yellow Team, headed by Farah Gorgod, branch accountant, while the Blue Team placed third overall.

After the strenuous yet unforgettable Amazing Race experience, the participants were given an hour to rest and freshen up. The next part of the activity was the indoor workshop entitled, “Work Attitude, Values Enhancement, and Teambuilding,” facilitated by Marielle Cabangon, Recruitment Manager. Cabangon showed a funny video of a worker named “Mike” who exhibited a positive attitude towards work. She then discussed the different types of employees and the positive values that one must possess in the workplace.

Lastly, a spiritual workshop was given by Jose Antonio Rivera, vice president for Sales and Marketing. He shared a lot of thought-provoking quotes and insights in relation to the theme of the teambuilding activity.

Overall, it was indeed an effective and memorable experience for the Kagay-anon Eternalites, who are looking forward to more activities like this in the future.

by Murphy Urbina

Eternal Gardens branches hold teambuilding activities

To further promote unity and camaraderie among its sales associates and enhance their leadership skills, two Eternal Gardens branches held teambuilding activities and leadership seminars earlier this year.

I am one with Eternal Gardens Cabanatuan!” was the theme of Cabanatuan branch’s teambuilding, which was held last January 24, 2015.

Meanwhile, “I am Unity. I am Priority. I am Productivity. I am Eternal Gardens Santa Rosa” was the battle cry of Eternal Gardens’ two branches in the province of Laguna, Biñan and Santa Rosa, when they had their combined teambuilding last March 28, 2015.

On both events, the participants, which included members of the branches’ sales force as well as their park staff and officers, gathered at the park grounds as early as 5:30 am on those two Saturdays to register and prepare for the tasks ahead. For Cabanatuan, there were 22 employees and 57 sales associates who participated in the fun activities. For Santa Rosa-Biñan, on the other hand, 25 employees and 60 members of the sales force took the challenge.

The participants in the two teambuilding events were divided into six color-coded teams, namely Red, Orange, Green, Blue, Violet, and Yellow. These teams would compete in the race that was designed to test the cooperation and teamwork of the members.

But before the start of the race, the teams were tasked to decorate their tents according to the theme. Using different decorating materials, the participants turned ordinary tents, which are used during interments, into colorful huts that represent their own understanding and interpretation of the theme. This activity aimed to bring out the creative side of the participants.

After the tent decoration, the employees and agents were treated to a short Zumba session as warm-up before they proceed to more rigorous activities. Following an instructional video and some of the organizing committee members, the participants stretched and swayed to upbeat music. The Zumba session was followed by a hearty breakfast that was served on banana leaves and which was shared by the participants in a boodle fight.

The race was officially opened by Ms. Vicky Nava, vice president for Human Resources and Management Department of Eternal Gardens with an inspiring welcome address.

Each team was then given clues that would help them perform each task in the race, which was patterned after the hit reality show The Amazing Race. Every task required the team members’ full cooperation and tested their ability to listen, analyze, and follow instructions correctly. And like in the TV show, the tasks also tested the patience and determination of the participants as well as their trust in their teammates.

At the end of the race, the Red Team won in both branches, with Melanie Ang leading the team in Cabanatuan and Marissa Aguirre heading the team in Santa Rosa.

After the exhausting but fun race, the participants were given time to rest, freshen up and prepare for the next part of the teambuilding, which was the indoor workshop. By around 10:15 am all participants gathered in the conference room for the “Work Attitude, Values Enhancement, and Teambuilding Seminar/Workshop,” which was facilitated by Marielle Cabangon, Recruitment and Training Manager.

In this lively and interactive workshop, Cabangon tackled the definition of motivation, its kinds, and the different types of employees that can be found in the workplace. She also enumerated and discussed the positive attitudes that one must posses in order to be a productive member of the company and succeed in one’s chosen career.

Right after the workshop, a spiritual talk facilitated by Joey V. Rivera, vice president for Sales and Marketing, followed.

Both events proved to be very successful and have certainly achieved their objectives.