When the people responded good to the first two memorial parks set up by Eternal Gardens, the management decided it was time to put up another one, this time somewhere in the South. Thus, in August 1984, Eternal Gardens Biñan was inaugurated.

Like the first two branches, sales were tremendous in Biñan. Lots were selling like the famous puto Biñan, indicating that it was another successful move by the company.

The religious image of Eternal Gardens Biñan has been known for is that of the Sorrowing Mother or Mater Dolorosa, popularized as Dalamhati. It portrays Mary embracing Jesus on the cross and is another masterpiece by the artist Amado Castrillo.

Other than the Dalamhati, Eternal Gardens Biñan also has its version of the Brown Madonna and the San Lorenzo Ruiz statues.