Eternalites go to Taiwan

Eternalites took a break from the usual hustle and bustle of selling memorial properties to enjoy their well-deserved reward for all their hard work.

Last April 26, 2017, 51 qualified sales associates from the different branches of Eternal Gardens flew to Taipei, Taiwan for the Asian Tour 2018. Top company executives, including chairman and chief executive officer D. Edgard A. Cabangon, director T. Anthony C. Cabangon, and vice chairman Benjamin V. Ramos, joined the delegates in their 4-day trip to Taiwan. The tour was part of the agents’ incentives for their outstanding sales performance for 2017.

Divided into two groups, the delegates left for Taipei on the morning of April 6, Thursday, one day after the Grand Annual Awards Night. On the first day of their tour, the first batch of Eternalites to arrive in Taiwan visited the Mitsui Outlet Park for an afternoon stroll. They then proceeded to the Vigor Kobo Pineapple Cake Factory where they had baking lessons, made their own pineapple cake, and toured the museum. The second batch of delegates, meanwhile, visited CKS Memorial Hall and passed by the Presidential Palace before going to the Vigor Kobo Pineapple Cake Factory for their museum tour, baking lessons, and pineapple cake making session.

The two groups met up that evening and shared a hearty 10-course meal before turning in for the night at the Sunworld Dynasty Hotel.

On day two of the tour, the delegates headed outside Taipei to experience baking scallion cake, which is a popular delicacy in Taiwan. They also visited the Kavalan Whiskey Museum in Yilan County where they got to taste different kinds of whiskey.

In the afternoon, the delegates went to Shifen Old Street for the Flying Lantern Experience. There, they wrote their wishes on giant lanterns before releasing them in the air. Most of them, of course, wished for more sales this year. The group’s next stop was the Ximenting Shopping area before having dinner at Takao 1972 restaurant.

Day three of the Eternalites’s Taiwan tour began with their transfer to another hotel, the New Taipei Hot Spring Hotel, where they would be staying until they leave for Manila. Then they went to Taipei 101 where they had lunch at Din Tai Fung restaurant. In the afternoon, the delegates visited Tamsui Old Street, Fisherman’s Wharf for more picture taking and sightseeing. In the evening during dinner, the general agency managers took the opportunity to express their gratitude and appreciation to the management of Eternal Gardens for a very fun tour.

On the last day of the tour, it was the first batch of delegates’ turn to visit the Chiang Kai Shek Memorial Hall and pass by the Presidential Palace, while the second batch visited the Mitsui Outlet Park, before heading to the airport for their flight back to Manila.

It was the first time that the Eternal Gardens delegation visited Taiwan for the Asian Tour, and it was indeed a very enjoyable experience for those who were able to join. The agents particularly enjoyed the dining experiences that they had throughout the trip. And with their carefully planned itinerary, they were able to maximize their time in Taiwan by visiting as many tourist spots as possible.

Next year, the management is eyeing South Korea to be the destination for Asian Tour 2019.