Types of Memorial Lot

Being in the memorial park business for almost 40 years now, Eternal Gardens has a wealth of experience in satisfying the memorial care needs of our countrymen. Whether or a low-cost or a prestigious interment, Eternal Gardens has the trained manpower, up-to-date equipment, and excellent facilities to match your needs.



A Lawn Lot is a 1 meter by 2.44 meters property that allows you two underground interments or in combination with sets of bone remains. It is characterized by a marble marker surrounded by green lawn. It is the memorial lot of choice of investors.



A Garden Lot is made up of four lots. This type for memorial lot has a raised structure not more than 18 inches tall, which takes up 25% of the total lot area. Usually characterized by a marker and marble seats, the structure is also surrounded by green lawn.



The Heritage Estate is sold per block with a minimum of 12 lots. Each memorial lot can be used for underground interment while the niches are not yet in place. Once the presidential niches (maximum of four), which take up 50% of the total property area, are already in place, only bone interments can be done on the remaining areas. Aside from the presidential niches, the Heritage Estates are also characterized by an 8-foot headstone.



Family Estates are sold per block with a minimum of 18 lots. Aside from the same amenities as the Heritage Estate, it has a roofed structure for a more private and intimate gathering of loved ones. For property size of 24 lots or more, a toilet and pantry can be made aside from housing presidential niches in excess of four.


Entombment is made inside the plaza near the statue of a saint, which gives a peaceful remembrance of our departed loved ones.


Baesa Crypt

For families who prefer cremation to traditional interment, our Crypt provides an affordable and ambient resting place for the ashes of the departed.

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